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July 12, 2010

I've been eating way too much pizza lately and I need to lose about 2 kg to get back to the way I want to be. I hate dieting so I'm just spending a longer time at the gym each day. I made a joke to my girlfriend that she needs to lose weight too. She doesn't at all, she's only 44 kg. But now she is seriously trying to lose weight. It's hard to stop her but I thought she would know I was kidding for sure. What should I say to her? Check out my Free English Show

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01:01 PM Jul 13 2010

Syrian Arab Republic

Oh God ,thats funny, and must be embarrassing 4 u! i think best way is to tell her u have changed your mind thinking why u go that way and work hard to loose weight while u r not that worse and have a great girlfriend who is ready 2 do everything 4 u! u can tell her u have decided to go back to ur normal life, no more gym, back to pizza, and life pleasures! :) im sure she will stop thinkin immediately of loosing even 1/2 kilo .

11:34 PM Jul 12 2010



u should say to her that she is becoming too thin and it will be dangerous for her health as her weight is 44..!

I also had the same problem, when we had some problems with my boyfriend i lost 6kg and after he told i stopped to lose as my weight is also like her weight..anyway tell her to think about her healthy for u..

04:09 PM Jul 12 2010

ghaith abbas

hey andylu2 h r u???

u know what i think u can tell u girlfriend the truth and also tell her that u were kiddin' for and u said this just to motivate u to go in diet so as to lose weight,surely u'll believe u cuz there's no doubt she loves u.

i tried this way b4 and its very successful specially with girls cuz they love us.

i hope this advise will b usful 4 u. bye