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July 16, 2010

Girls, I want you to be totally honest.  Don't just give the answer that you think sounds right or what you think people want to hear. 

Make a list of these 5 things in order of importance for choosing a boyfriend.  This is your own personal opinion. Please explain a little about why you choose the way you do.  Thanks

1.  Appearance (Handsome or not)

2.  Money and Job

3.  Personality

4.  Country they are from

5.  How well they dress

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01:44 AM Jun 10 2011

stroller reviews

nice blog~!!!!


09:13 PM Jul 22 2010


This is a funny question.

 For me,1-5-3-2-4.

I choose 1 for first. Its doesnt mean he has to be a nice looking guy, but I want to him to be a nice looking to me. Even tho. he is nice looking, if he is wearing dirty clothes, I dont really like them.and Of course the presonality is comming next. If he is not nice, I cant be with him.Its doesnt matter job or money or country, however, if you want to get married with him, its very important he has job and money in older to suport family. But,money and job is not become a #1 because,if he is not my type, I wouldnt date or married with him anyway. and If I like him, its doesnt matter what country he is from. that is my opinion.

12:45 PM Jul 16 2010



well thanks for posting such a nice topic for me the guy should be good looking and well dressed i think that these two tings are important for good  first impressions when people don't know you at all  the just judge you for that or at least i know i do which is very wrong and yet it's all about his personality ,he should have a decent job ,because i'm iraqi when it comes to pick the right guy i have to pick an iraqi guy and that's that and finally i do care about how he dress because well dressed guys looks even hotter!

06:17 AM Jul 16 2010



just checked you website, that is really great! can't believe it's free ;)

BTW, your voices are so echanting, kinda additional motivation to learn english :)


02:00 AM Jul 16 2010

bystander :-)

What do you mean by 'Girls'? Cool