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July 23, 2010

To be fair, it doesn't always suck, but google and all search engines are getting worse and worse because of spammers.  It's so annoying. 

Go to google and type in something like "best way to learn English".  I'm sure you'll pretty much find garbage.  It's like this with almost any search where marketers can make money.  

It can be good if you type in something specific like "how to change languages on my keyboard".  

The difference is that the second search will not be "corrupted" because of people trying to ruin the internet with money making bad advice.  What is your opinion on this topic?

I have to deal with this problem every day because I have an English website and I need to play a bit of the marketing game too.  The only difference is, I actually try to make a good product that people like!  Check out my English website

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View all entries from "Learning English" >

05:48 AM Aug 07 2012


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

dear Andy

You know... water will find the way to sea!

I mean everything that sense usefull will absorb everybody. bytheway making money is the most important things in our lives and upgrading internet and being important of it will makes it more sucks !

02:18 AM Jul 23 2010



Thanks, Andy. I'm now every day on your site listening to your interesting dialoques and also I like those descriptions of vocabulary and expressions very much. Very helpful, Keep it up, dear Friends!