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Learner of Life


July 4, 2012

Get more meaningful life by making plan

This picture was made by my lovely sis, Hamida :) I do like it much... as the words put there is one of my status updated in my Facebook account... Actually the words come from my understanding of the lesson taught by my Rabb for me... As my own experience, sometimes I feel like my life seems meaningless when I don't really understand what I do, there are many things to be done, but I just get mess in my mind... hence, what I do seems there is no purpose... just flowing away...

Then, by making planning, moreover to write it down makes me FOCUS in doing things in front of me and what  should I do after this and after that....   To make planning also makes me can see clearer what is my priority in this life...  I can analyze my plans whether they are true according to Allah's rules or not... whether they will support my purpose of life or not... So, before I do things, I can imagine what if I do this or that... does Allah get pleased with or not... 

Make your life's plan! and don't forget that Allah also has the best plan for you...

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View all entries from Build a New Universe by Seeking the Truth >

04:50 AM Jul 11 2012

Learner of Life

Wa'alaikum salam... :)

Thank to you too for the comment...

Make plan as one of ways to appreciate our life...

make plan!

take action!


08:24 AM Jul 05 2012



interesting idea thanks for sharing it. You know life is a road that has an end and we are driving so we ought to drive carefully with previous planning otherwise we might deviate from the path....actually everything in life needs planning (studies, meetings, trips, holidays, jobs) ....salam :)