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Learner of Life


July 18, 2012

In whatever your condition,

come to Allah will be the first step to see

the brighter side of your life...   

Come to Allah... 
and you will see what should you do...
The more you come closer to Allah... 
...the more He will reach you to live under His sake...


Come here to visit my blog: Islamic Path: Come to ALLAH...

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View all entries from Build a New Universe by Seeking the Truth >

04:31 AM Jul 30 2012

Learner of Life


Thank you very much dear sis for your hope.... :) amiin...

I hope so for you.

Allah is the key, have Allah in our life and we will have everything :)

@ Ryo

What happened with your head?

@Dr. Someon

Ameen... thank you... the blessing of Allah is such great thing we always hope to get...

anyway, about the texts, we can't change the size or colours directly from here. BUT we have to copy and paste from our writing from other place. We can copy it from other blogs, or we can write first our writings in our PC, edit it there then copy here.

As in my post here, I write first in my personal blog then copy it here.

just try! it will be a nice experince n ur writings will be look good and beautiful :)

12:00 PM Jul 19 2012

Dr. Someone
Saudi Arabia

Can you tell me how did you color the text in your post and how did you change the size and the font ?

09:12 PM Jul 18 2012


Saudi Arabia

my head

09:04 PM Jul 18 2012

Dr. Someone
Saudi Arabia

Allah Bless You ..

05:06 AM Jul 18 2012

Iran, Islamic Republic Of

yes it's true!

Allah is the key who is able to open all kind of locks!

and the light that lits the all darkness!


hope you happy times dear :)