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My Happy Blog

October 8, 2009

i have a basy day today.mine lag and foots are very discomfortbale, now don't want to do anything.

the day before7 days ,my eyes have got "dry eye", of course i know why and how it is hanppend, so i instill 2drops of the "tears naturale forte eye drops" in my eyes, and feel much comfortable.

hope have a nice day tomorrow!

o,thank you my teacher.

June 20, 2008

Frown hello ,is it have the limit time to post the message?

i have write the "fine day" just ten minutes,because i am watching ,and my enlish is not well,so the time is a little long ,when i press the "post", it is disappeared what i have written.oooooo...,my god!FrownFrownFrown

tomorrow , i will write what i have written today.

i am not in the mood to write again.

02:54 AM Oct 06 2009



time out - i ever experiencing this. too long thinking, too many disturbance, and suddenly we lost the theme. i think we need more for time out setting, please the ebaby-master.

June 18, 2008

hello , everyone .nice to meet to today. it is still raining.so bad!Frown

i am really love to come here now. it make me happy ,forget the disgusting thing .

it can really improve my english ,and make some real friends.


06:53 AM Jun 18 2008



me too.

Usually i like to come here for learning english except my job and accompanying my girlfriend.Infact my english is very poor before, then i just insist on study it even after graduation from university.Slowly ,i start to like it until now. he he.

oh,hope you become healthy throughly.