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My Happy Blog

June 17, 2008

i have a cold now! nose running,sneezing and headache,in a word,i don't feel verywell.

it is still raining outsaid. it has been raining for 20 days,it is really a nature disaster, but our Chinese sister never yield to the disaster.they helped eachother to overcome the disaster.

come on ,Chinese sisters and brothers.i belive you !

12:16 AM Jun 18 2008

learning girl

thanks luliguo. i am feel well today.

i am sure that we can overcome any disasters.Smile

believe in our motherland.

09:26 PM Jun 17 2008



hi,hope you become healthy well soon., and hope and believe all our chinese people can overcome any disasters!

best wishes to you

June 16, 2008

hello , i haven't been here for three days, I was on duty at Saturday and Sunday.

Now ,i begin to tell you the experience about the cat. My senior fellow apprentice had to do animal experiment on his topic. It was about the corneal transplant. Our teacher toke 3 cats one day ."you can use the corneal of the cats to finish you study".My senior fellow apprentice found that only two cats could be enough to finish his test ,and one of the cats is very actively. So that cat became a lucky one . It was named as xiaobao. We love it very much ,especially my senior fellow appretice ,he looks after it very carefully, they even toke a bath everynight.

is it have  a lucky fate?

June 12, 2008

it's raining outsaid, but i have a good news to tell you.

we are raise a cat for about 1year. It's really very lovely, we like it very much.It has a very hard experience,and i will talk about it in my follow blog.

just at yestorday,the cat have given birth to four little cats.we are very happy to that.how lovely they are!

we named them as :xiao yu ,zhong yu ,da yu ,bao yu .

i have to work now!