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My Happy Blog

June 11, 2008

I don't know how to begin with it . who can help me ?

I am a new recruit, will you want to be my first frend?

12:46 AM Jun 12 2008

Christmas Island

Nice to make friends with you and study english together....

June 11, 2008

hello ,everyone ,welcome to My Happy Blog.

Let me inturduce myself first. I am a chinese girl,and now i am training as a eye's doctor . I will be graduate next year.

Next month there will be an important congress in HongKong. Ofcourse i want to attend the congress. But my english ,especially,my oral english is very poor. That's why i am come here.

The next important reason is i want to make friends with you , to learn the culture of your country, to know eachother,to share the happyness and sadness.

09:29 PM Jun 11 2008



Hi Learning girl.......

You have taken Good decision and you will

definitely succeed in the congress.I am also wants

to do my MBA in top B-School in the world.

So I need good english in all the way and wants to

meet so many friends through this community.

Have a great day.