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Viet Nam

July 3, 2008

I don't know why I have so much feeling at this time.Sad,happy things are mixed all.In fact I'm mot really satisfied myself at all. All things that I did not shake anyone.What should I do now.I try so much and I got some successes also,but they were in the table of school and college.And how about my real life???That is too vaporous for me to reach.I have just graduated,got a job also.But the job that I get really boring.I dont like it at all.Maybe I have to do something to changes or I will be died as soon as.I have too much free time to think about,it makes me really tired.So, I wish I would be busy to think about.My head would be lighter.Too sad....!!!!!Thiệt là khổ quá đi!!!

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12:02 AM Jul 07 2008


Everything's  gonna be OK!

Trust yourself!Cool

07:11 PM Jul 05 2008


 LaughingI am sure you will be better soon.

Carry on!

01:50 AM Jul 04 2008

Russian Federation

hi, nice to meet u tooWink