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My memories

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Viet Nam

July 8, 2008

WinkI have just read the blog on Vietnam net and I was paniced to see that.I was out of my student's ages.I dont think that the time go as so fast as like that.Just for a while, I was still a high school student of Doc Binh Kieu high school,and student of University of Economics HCMC,but I'm a saleman now.That is a big change to me.I dont believe it. How do you know my feeling?Frown I miFrownss so much the time I was in Doc Binh Kieu high school.I think that it was my happiest time.FrownMiss my friends,mFrowny class,as well as my teachers all of them have got closedly together under the roof of school.FrownMiss so much the time My friends and I was playing truant to go to the gardent for enjoying the tasty, and delicious fruits.FrownMiss so much the football match we were playing under heavy rain. Miss so much the days we had the parties at friends' house that we cooked ourselves. (But we had to try to eat all of them for some of overcooked and burned,hehe...Tongue outCool),enjoying the fresh air in the warm passionated friendship, and swimming on the river.Miss so much the punishment from our teacher when we have not learned our lession.CryMiss so much the last day at school that all of us were crying for separating and saying goodbye,then we did not know that we would see each other or not.One human for one way,that was so sad. Afterward, I continued to go to University as well as some of my friends.I spent four years at University without so much memories except for I have find out my best friend and closed friend. And the time I spent my time to take the trips to Vung Tau Beach. I wish I could come back the student age to enjoy it without worrying about. But it seem not to become true. It passed all. So, I hope someone who are in the student age now,dont wast their time and let enjoy it to leave after to most beautiful memories in your life. LaughingWink

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