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August 16, 2008

Independence is very important for everyone because we will be away from our family to study and work outside one day. Sometimes i feel that I am very independent by myself, sometimes I feel that I am very weak by myself.
This was when I first worked in Shenzhen last year. I lived in my sister's home when I was looking for a job. I didn't do anything while I looked for a job. My sister bought some food such as meat, some vegetables and so on to cook every day. She never let me help when I tried to give her a hand. She would always smile and say, "You look for your job attentively." So I even didn't wash the bowls. I relied on her so much.
Recently I looked for another job. My sister isn't in Shenzhen now. I had to learn to be independent by myself. I was alone when I rented an apartment outside. I like to live in a neat room, so I wipe the floor and clean the room every day. In addition to this, I must learn how to cook and make soup. I cooked twice, but the rice was still very wet. It was same with the soup which was too strong flavoured. It was not delicious. I was successful the third time I cooked. I was very happy that I learnt to how to cook at last.
Sometimes I feel alone in a room. I don't want to ask my classmate or colleagues to accompany me. I know they must be busy working and very tired every day. When I am bored, I read English text and English grammar, listen to music and go online with my mobile.I hope I can find a better job soon but at the same time I wanted to have a good rest and relax while looking for a job.
Independence is a good thing, but I feel that it's better have a person to accompany you. You wouldn't feel alone and afraid. Maybe it is time for me to find a boyfriend.

August 16, 2008

Maybe everyone has a different view of friendship. In daily life, it is fun when you have a lot of friends, especially, intimate friends. You would share your happiness, fears and so on with them. I have two intimate friends such as a middle classmate and a schoolfellow. I met her in my first company but we were from the same school. Her responsibility was to take care of the telephone. After some time, I introduced a middle classmate to work in my company. We got along with each other for a long time, so we were able to set up a good friendship. We often got off the work to have lunch, supper and to go shopping together. When we met some stressful things in our work and life, we were able to help and encourage each other. We sought our dream that we would live in a different city such as Guangzhou, Gaozhou and Shenzhen. Although we couldn't work together, we often keep in contact by telephone and send messages on our mobile. We are as close as before. I was very happy when I remembered those times. They made a lot of good memories in half and one year.
This time I resigned my job to go home. One of my classmates asked for leave for a day to accompany me in my home. It was a day that I was very happy and deeply moved.
In my point of view, intimate friends needn't be numerous. When you have a few, this is enough. I feel they are difficult to find, so we must treasure our friendship.

August 16, 2008

There are fifty students in our class. We finished our courses on 6th of July. We planned to have a party just to relax because we were usually busy working and studying. Having a party would help us communicate with each other and meet many friends.

We decided to hold the party in a village. It is a tourist night spot. It was very nice and lively that night. We could watch a performance and listen to music while having supper at19:00. We went to KTV when we finished having supper.

It was a big KTV room, decorated with lights of various colours. It was very nice and you felt very comfortable in this environment, except that our monitors were ready for many more snacks and other things. They began to practice their favourite love songs then they sang. I found some of the students in our class were good at singing and they sang well. A few of the students are not good at singing, including me. On one side we listened to music, on the other side we chatted about our individual life. After two hours, a few adult teachers were invited to come such as our maths teacher, our English teacher and so on. We asked them to sing a song. I feel they also sang well .We were intoxicated by the feeling surrounding us, at the same time we could get rid of our stress.

The party was over at 24:00.Although it was late, we were very happy. This party will be one of my best memories