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June 5, 2008

Our department has only two girls and has close to a hundred customers. Our company began to use a new business management system for ERP in April. I handle a lot of trivial deatails about my customers every day; in addition, I still set up a lot of datum with dates for ERP. I felt very fatigued because of my job and I planned to go to Macau to relax during May's Day.
There were many people who jumped the queue for two visas at Gongbei ferry on May's Day. It was 16:30 PM when we got Macau. My sister took us around to be familiar with the environment of Macau. She worked the next day. I felt very comfortable in Macau. The ground was very clean and made green by planting trees which was good. Both the cars and the buses almost had no dirt. They look like new. Also the people were very polite and civilized and had high morals. Maybe they have higher education standards there. I felt that was better than any city.

The night scene of Macau was very nice and the streets looked prosperous. Especially, the buildings were decorated with lights of various colors in the evening. It was very attractive. It was good for relaxing and going out for a walk when you were bored or tired.Macau is famous for its casinos but, in addition, it had other tourist spots.

The next day we got a map of Macau. We visited fisherman's wharf. There was a hill, an airport, seaport and many more western buildings in the Macau fisherman's wharf. The people called the hill a volcano; maybe it was different from others. It was made of all stone. There were some green trees at the foot of the hill and the ground wasn't earth, it was stone of various decorative patterns. We climbed the volcano, the valley was very narrow and the mountain range was very attractive. You could see almost the whole Macau scene when you stood halfway up the mountainside. It made you come into another world. Then we walked the street near the hill. I saw the workers prepare for the next day's "The Beijing 2008 Olympic Torch relay- Macao Leg". Also, you could listen to quiet English music and conversation on the street.

The third day, we visited Venice. The second floor of the building is a shopping mall. I was very surprised when I get there; it was not daylight! Rather it was night. The mall imitated the dark blue sky and night scene. The buildings looked ancient and had a western romantic feeling. It was very nice and very comfortable in this environment. It makes a romantic surrounding for the sweethearts. We stayed here only a short time.
We arrived at fisherman's wharf to watch the Olympic Torch relay in the afternoon. There were many more people when we got there. We took a long time to find a position. The streets were crowded with people. The people got more excited when the torch relay passed through the street at 4 PM. Some people shouted loudly, some people take pictures with camera and others waved the goods in their hands .We stayed to watch the torch relay final station, but didn't stay to watch the lighting of the flame. We took only some pictures with camera. It was successfully completed at seven in the evening in Macau.

Money was very important in the eyes of people. But in my opinion, I think the most important  thing is happiness. Although you have a lot of money, if you are not happy, then this has no meaning. I like to travel to relax and when I have some time. I am going to travel to Taiwan after two years.

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