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June 4, 2009

Today is last day at school and next week I'll have some exams. Damn!I even didn't start to prepare for them.

I am reading a russian book about fast reading. It's useful twice for me: learning russian and fast reading. I have seen a man in the bookshop, who was reading a book and his finger was slithering down the page without stops, so he saw all line. It's very useful for study, you get a a lot of information in short time; you remember more information. Next week I'll buy an iPod shuffle, I really really want its.

Few days ago, my friends and I found a mobile phone, it was quite good. But we gave it back to the owner.

I finished my English class, I liked it. Nice teacher and nice people, there was really interesting. Last lesson we ate  pizzas (mmm, so delicious) and drank tea with chocolate.I'm already thinking about what to do next year, because I really really want dance, but also I need English.OMG!What to do?

Nice song, called 'Love story'


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