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United States

October 27, 2008

User Name: Endure Reality
Real Name: ask me!
Nickname(s): Buri
Birthdate: ask me!
Country: US
Gender: M
Birthplace: US
Current Home: is nice xD
Motto: Ask questions, DEMAND ANSWERS.
Star Sign: dunno .__.
Occupation: Japanese chef
Fav Film(s): My Sassy Girl, Equilibirum
Fav TV Show(s): Winter Sonatra
Fav Song(s): 坂本 真綾 - 指輪
Fave Drunk Song: We are the Champions :D
Fav Band(s): Weezer / Placebo / Road of Major
Fav Singer/Rapper: 빅뱅 / Epik High / Lupe Fiasco
Fave Guitarist: Li Herman
Fav Drummer: (none)
Fav: Bass Guitarist: Creature (Deadsy)
Fav Food/meal: Rock Shrimp Salad
Fav Snack(s): edamame
Fav Drink(s): iced coffee / green tea
Fav Video Game(s): Anything by Capcom of Japan
Fav Console: Sega Saturn  / Sega Dreamcast / DS
Fav Animal(s): Cat / Porcipine
Fav Actor(s): Keanu Reeves
Fav Actress(s): Jun Ji Hyun
Fav Superhero(s): Batman / V for Vendetta
Fav Sport(s): Tennis / Soccer
Fav Sports Team: (none)
Fav Sports Star: (none)
Fav Color: White / Durby Blue
Rolemodel(s): (none)
Pet(s): Cat, "Doll"
Bad Addiction: Biting nails
Interests/Hobbies: music, internet, retro games
I'd Give Anything To Meet: Creator of the UNIVERSE!
The One Thing I Can't Stand: Ignorance
If I Could Change One Thing About Myself: More outgoing
I Knew I Was Grown Up When: (none)
The Best Time Of My Life: With friends at Universal
The Worst Time Of My Life: (none)
Behind My Back My Friends Say: (none)
Major Accomplishment: Graduation
Most Humbling Experience: Feeding birds
Words That Best Describe Me: Unique, True Love
My Talents: Artist
My Fears: Being alone with no communication at nigh in liberty city :s
Dreams/Future: Wife living together with no children .. :p
Other Facts about myself: I have no siblings . . .

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08:18 AM Dec 15 2008


It's very interesting. I'm really curious about thing which you don't tell.^^

07:19 PM Nov 29 2008

Viet Nam

Laughing....ha haa haaaaa...your profile..very very lovely...ke ke.....why don't u want to have any babies??

05:14 AM Nov 08 2008

deep white

With no children?I cann't understand.mabye you are a child too.Laughing Your name so ...lovely.