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rap is my life



Saudi Arabia

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November 30, 2009

i live like anyone cuz i'm a human being

but my life is difficult if u know what i mean

i got a problume with my family since i'm a teen

nothing else to do but to make it clean


my parents were divorse when i'm in fiveth grade

i stayed with my grandma and my mom marry again

my father went outside to gain some AIDS

and then he live singel with a bitch like a maid


my mom live happy she got beautiful kids

and she also got dibets how far will it take ?

i wish i can help her so she can get paid

all the shit she own to the punks ....u hear what i said


back to my dad with his indian girl

and the spicy food that make my mind burn

he got four kids "there still more son"

dad please stop i will kill her with my gun


now these my family but i forgot to tell

i got two sisters i do them very well

and good friends they call me black LIL

and now i got a job to help anyone ill


this is the life it full with surprise

when u make disition u better think twice

to avoide the sins and get the big prize

if u take my advice u better be very wise

November 26, 2009

hi ma bro and sis in ebaby

i came to u tonight with some candies


i came here to show u my gift

i feel so good when there is someone to share it with


first ma name is LIL im a nice guy

im black guy and black ppl dont lie


i like to rap at all ma friends

the ladies replay with thier email in the end


ma story is long but im making it brief

i got no girlfriend and thats all wat i need


ma life was bad and its good

i start to know friends from the dirty hood


this is not cool i rap like a fool

like a white boy stating in a new school


 this ma shit i hope u love it

 thanx for listening now juss fuck it

05:01 AM Nov 27 2009



Hey LIL, realnica is in the house Homie
I'm an MC rap producer I have a couple
of tracks already recorded by me
if u want we can exchange tracks

peace out!

01:02 PM Nov 26 2009



this is realnica what up

for thoses I don't like fuck'em up

in English or spanish ,you tell me

the micro with lyrics I'm burning

peace bro