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December 27, 2007

      new year is approaching several days later,which should predict new development,new harvest........,To me ,it is uneasy to be happy,and even a little bit upset.Am i old or something else?

I do not know,and just look forward to the new begining of  my life,and i can be determined to get married or leave or somthing else.

anyway,it will be a fine day,isn't it?

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09:01 AM Jan 08 2008



Hey girl!!!


Don't get upset with life!

Everyday is a brand new day!!!

Be happy, because  you  are a great person surely, so  try to live avery second as the last one.


I wish you have a great  new year

and Don't give up!!

08:00 PM Dec 27 2007


    May you well,I'm Johnson,a new comer here who fond of english and major in software development,glad to read your blog,but sorry to get that you are not happy...

   Every day is brand-new,hope you can enjoy it every day!


  Hopefully will read your reply^-^