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Vedic System of English Language Management

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July 29, 2007

Dear Friend,

Everything in this world is commanded through the medium of communication. Even, if we want to raise our hands up, we have to communicate a though from the brain. The world is becoming more complex to lead a comfortabe life. you must be agreeing with me that, we can make our life simple with a very clear, comprehensive and impressive communication. We get love and care from the mother so, if you want love, affection and care from the people, you muse use your mother tongue. The responsibility  to bring-up the chile by earning money is basically of the father so if you want to earn money by job or business, you have to use the father tongue and that is English. My friend, you will find uncountable presence of training institutes for English Language all around. Every Institute is following the age old methodology to teach English. The conventional pattern of teaching English by using the counfusing rules of grammer has proven to be non effective. Keeping all the inconveniences and inefficacies, we have developed the course of Vedic System of English Language Management. I is based upon the concept of Speak and Learn. In this system you will be:

to speak and write a word correctly; to know the meaning of a word just by speaking it correctly; to speak dialogue without translations into English and finally to command English at its full flow, accuracy and style.

This course contains five main parts (The Course Panchangam). The Vedic System of English Language Management is a magical tric whic enables you perform miracles with your communicational skilles, This training program is designed to meet the requirements of all types of learners. If you are proud to have a good command over English, jusk walk in to lingosyss and face the reality that actucally, you don't know it.

Part one: fundamentals of speech

This is the most important part of the course. It provides a scientific formula (SE = S3) to learn English accuratelyl This formula is derived from the comparative studies of the following:

Physiology of English People: here we make you feel that, how the air pressures in your lungs, width of jaws and contraction of toungue helps you to learn correct English and not the parrotification of words, tenses or grammar.

Psychology of English People: here you will amazingly see, how the movement of our lips and the speed of our delivery of words & dialogues of English and, not the boring rules of grammar. Once you understand how to implement the formula you are all set to command the entire language of English.

Part two: management of letter sounds 

Under this topic we make you an expert of pronunciation. You must know the fact that most of the aspirants are rejected from an interview only because, they mispronounce the words. You will also learn to read any word of English just by looking at it, as we do with Hindi or our mother tongue. You will be able to find a correct sound for the confusing letter just by speaking it. For instance, you will know how to read the letter C as S, sh or k, or how to read the letter A as rate, rat, car or small? In short, you will be able to read or speak any word (like: Schwarzkopf, wockhardt, poeciilid, fjor etc.) of English without being confused and without bothering about its predefined pronunciation.    

Part three: management of words. 

This topic deals with a thorough study of use and meaning of the words. Grammatical concept of the words: Under this topic we study the family of English words like: Nouns, Pronouns etc. But this will not be a traditional study as you have done in your schools or you are doing with other coaching institutions. You will find a great difference in the definitions and the uses of these words. For instance, you will be able to know:How wrong is the definition of noun that we are studying since decades?How to identify a male or female just by listening to its name? What is the exact use of Pronouns and how to use them in their exact form as I, me, my, mine or myself? For the first time, in the history of English grammar, you will come to know the definition of Articles. You will be able to use a correct article with words just by speaking it with a word.An+ boy = incorrect                   or         an + institute = incorrectA + boy = correct                      or         a + institute = correctHow to use the forms of a verb to speak a correct dialogue?How a correct pronunciation of a form of the verb helps you get out of the boring study of tenses and translation?How there is only one verb and one helping verb in English?What is the definition of Modal verb?How to use a correct preposition just by speaking it with a word?Died + for +cancer = incorrectDied + of + cancer = correct Classified Vocabulary: This is a technique to memorize more words accurately. A detailed string-list is discussed into this topic. For instance, if, you want to learn a word like tree then, you will be provided a string-list as follows: Seed<germ<sprout<sapling<plant<tree<wood<copse Feel the words: here, we teach how to use a correct word for a correct expression? For example: if, you want to speak that you are feeling good then, which word from the following will you select and why? Ok-good-fine-great-fantastic-fantabulous-mind blowing.

Part four: The management of dialogues 

Think, can we make a boy a girl, if we drape a boy with lady’s clothes? At present, everyone tries to fix English words over Hindi words. This is not a process correct enough to speak or use a real standard of English. This is a process of mingling one thing into another and, there is a certain level of mixing two things. A state of saturation comes after a certain level, as; we cannot dissolve even a pinch of salt in water, after its saturation level. This is why; we make you understand a proper chemistry of words (Verbomistry) to express an original and flawless dialogue at English. You can speak a correct dialogue by the process of Speak-n-learn. You need not study tenses at all to make a dialogue. You can identify the correct sequence of spoken words just by speaking them.  E.g.      Today, I am busy. = incorrect            I am busy, today. = correct              

Part five: The management of expressions

Expressions are the modulation of voice (i.e. to speak the word Short with a short sound and to speak the word Long with a long sound) and movement of body parts (i.e. hands, eyebrows, lips & legs). How to speak a dialogue of English, in English? e.g. I am not your friend = amnt-yo-fren           (Indian form)         (English form) How to use markers, to mark the expression? e.g.    I think you are wrong.               (Mark less)         Well! I think you are wrong.       (Marked)   Practices: a scientific series of practical sheets are provided to practice the gained knowledge. The practical sheets are designed to compel your brain to think and not to translate.

Salient features of the training program: 

Comprehensive reading: reading comprehension, reading speedily. (Useful for competitive exams as CAT) 

Vocabulary: a classified, useful, imaginative and interactive verbomistry. 

Accent Management: British, American, Australian & African. 

Personality Management:  The mind-body co-ordination.       

Personality grooming: from subconscious mind to thoughts,          from thoughts to language, from language to gestures &            postures, and from gestures to the action of attitude (aacharan). 

Etiquettes: behaviour management.  

General awareness: world, cultures, people, faiths etc. 

Quizzes: mock interviews, question and answers, crosswords and puzzles. 

Public speaking: seminars and presentations. 

Group discussions: current topics with mannerism of introduction, interruption and discussion. 

Placement assistance: for the post of; call center executives, front office management and language expert for Vedic System of English Language Management. 

e-mail service: practice sheets, new words, stories and learning videos are sent to your inbox. 

Writing arts: story, paragraph, letters, resume.   

Contact the following:

Pramod K Tripathi

Chief Language Expertlingosyss 

Mobile no : 98272 01 77 8

e-mail : lingosyss@rediffmail.com 

For; Live demonstration of the courseWorkshop in your school, college or institute.

Enquiry for Franchisee.Course details and other curiosities.      

Visit us at : 

113, First floor, Trade Center, 18, South Tukoganj, Indore, MPIndia. 452 001


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