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November 13, 2010

 I set up my account on English Baby website a few days ago. It was rather a spontaneous decision, but I'm absolutely convinced that nothing happens without any reason.

I have to admit I love learning languages. People do it for many reasons, and there is so lots of them. I'm doing this because I truly love people... talkin with them, discovering them ( their thoughts, feeings) and so many things.... it's hard to specify all of them now... heh...

... so my dream is to know as many languages as I can... and what goes for that... meeting people... having a great friends!

Now I know a little bit English and French. Few days ago I've started learnig Russian...

If you need somebody to just talk with... .... write! :)

For everyone I wish a good night. 

11:17 AM Nov 13 2010

Marshall Islands

If you wanna discover thoughts and feelings of other in people in real sense of word, learning a bit from every language would not serve for that purpose. I prefer to improve my english, till the point I have a perfect grasp of complicated descriptions, even though I know a bit of spanish and chinese. I believe world needs a common language which everyone can use perfectly, as if using their own mother tongue.