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June 5, 2008

korea culture is really exciting right now.the korean wave is sweeing asian countries including china.young people are going crazy abput korean tv plays,koream pop songs,taekwondo,and the korean language.

the koean wave started a few years  ago with the tv play winter sonata.this love story is sitll popular.people,espercially girls,like the beautiful story and handsome actors like bae yong juu.

in the music world,korean girls are making themselves heard in china.you can often find korean girls names like baby vox,s.e.s and finkle at the top of the chinese musc charts.

the korean wave has also made young people want to try the clothes ans hairstyles of the pop stars ,too.

not only that.now some girls in china are having  plastic surgery to change the way they look.

people say some beautiful korean stars have had plastic surgery,and those stars who make no plastic surgery don't look beautiful.

are all the faces of beautiful korean girls not real?find out for yourself when you visit south korea.

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Virgin Islands, British

thats a lot of korean buff huh..anyways good to know.hehWink