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September 12, 2009

First of all i want to say most of ya are so cool

but soon i found that it's so hard to make some friends here

cuz people just keep looking for nice pic

then left few words in comments

the appearance really matters?

i'm sick and tired of it

it's just about making friends

i'm not your prince

and you're not my princess

if we chat,we'll know each other

not just personal,

but also the difference between cultures

if we just have fun by seeing different faces

we gain noting

i appreciate your share,

but i prefer to talk about our lifes

this ain't about how old you are 

this ain't about what you look like

it's about communication



for further information,please feel free to cantact me .

i'll be very glad to answer ur letters and be ur friend






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02:09 AM Sep 16 2009



thnk u both

i just tryed to express so i did it in writingTongue out

11:48 PM Sep 15 2009



Hi Livid, it's really nice to know there's people like you who is interested in having a real communication with other people. Your jokes are very funny, I have heard them in Spanish. I hope we can continue talking each other. My name is Tere and I'm from México.  Nice to meet you.

06:52 AM Sep 15 2009


u know all the things that u said are right

really i want to have a friend like u i like the way how u think 

and i want to say for the second time that what u have wrote there is right is true i agree i totaly agree