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September 23, 2009

It has been said that something as small as the flutter of a butterfly’s wing can ultimately cause a typhoon halfway around the world.

 --Chaos Theory

Also,small things in our lifes maybe can make a major difference in the way we live.

I've been thinking this question for a long time.Recently i got my own answer:

Just imagine that you are already 40 years old now,and you have one shot,one opportunity to go back to the age when you are 20 and do sth to improve your future. 

Yup now you are back from there,you are sitting at the computer and planning how to waste your time after surfing.

You almost forgot the purpose(to change the rest of your life) why u come back here.See,,your body is back,but your consciousness still sticks there at the age of 40.At the end,nothing had changed in your life

So all that you can do now is being yourself,grasp the present ,work hard and love someone who is worth your love.then you won't torment yourself when you are 40.

This is my point of view,Now how about yours ?  :)



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12:18 PM Sep 25 2009



I love this theory it's always sounded so poetric to me

but I agree with u about the facts I dont think ppl can change that easily we all keep saying that we learn from our mistakes if we do have a second chance we would do everything right this time It is just a huge lie

we are not created that way we are all so naive to believe that everything's going to be ok by itself if we sit and wait enough a magic stick will touch our lives and make them better we keep spend our precious time with livin' in this denial  and when we face the truth it has already been to late 

I dont believe in second chances I know it sounds so cold but it is my truth All we have is this second we can use it to make our lives better or just sit and watch it fade away so "now" is the right time for anything u can get in action or become a unhappy ,desperate  40 years of person sittin in dark and in regret wishing for a second chance to change everything which that u will never have