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October 4, 2009

i can be surrounded by a sea of people,but still felt being left all alone

i appear to have many friends in my life,but most of them are table friendship which will soon change if i get into trouble.

We meet in annual holiday and have a good time when we get together.in ordinary ways,we left our numbers after the activity, which was expected to enhance the relationship between each other.

But the most ridiculous thing is after a short time, i barely even remember that their numbers have already stored in my cell phone.

It feel so useless cuz i would never make a call to them until next gathering.
For me,this is one kind of sorrow.

Only very few of my friends are ture friends.i call them "bosom buddy".They are those who i don't hang out regularly.But whenever i need a haven,they are the kind i always think first.

i used to get several bosom buddies,but as time goes by we are not in touch as often as before.i meant to chat with them but somehow i didn't know how to begin.

Maybe i just never relize that i need to grab it and cherish it. It seems one thing has been true all along, you never know what you've got till it's gone.
Anyways without them i'll definately feel lonely and solitary,at least at that time.

After an amicable split i feel like i am waiting for someone ,someone who can make me dare to look back and open my heart again
Sometimes the incident seemed very close,sometimes far away.when i'm about to reach it ,suddently disappear.

Though i'm a 100% practical man, there are some reasons make me want to live in fantacy: realism is cruel,sometimes the fate is in our hand ,but we can do nothing.
i won't make any promise cuz things won't change without taking actions

May u guys would not feel sick of my nonsense talk,cuz i'm a really mood unstable fellow.i gotta write it down cuz my blog ain't gonna write itself.

best wishes



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09:20 AM Oct 08 2009



friendship is a good matter

I think every one have to excuses his/her friend to be friendship good

good luck

12:11 PM Oct 05 2009



Hey, livid, I'm so sorry about you.

And I can tell you: I do know what you're feeling right now. At the same time you're amoung a crowd, you're alone, insn't it?

Well, I don't know if you read one of my entries, which says about friendship. There, I wrote some stuffs about friendship and best friend..

I just want you to know: you are not alone, dude! People left their comments on my blog, and those comments made me feel better. Now, I think it's my turn to comfort someone else. Once more: you are not alone, we are your friends, and you can count on us for whatever.


See you! and get better!

11:01 AM Oct 05 2009

Naty :P

Naty :P

all this talking about lonly and fate make me thirsty :D :P

don't misunderstand me I do care about you my friend, and there's nothing better for me than give you a small advice that might make your life a lil' more happier, say something that will brign up a smile on your face...but I'm on a break, talking about life's philosophy made me so sick recently...I realized that the anwer is that there's no right or wrong answer -there's no one complete answer. I mean there are many options the world is not only black or white. there are many solutions to the same problem, like in math :D (which reminds that my homework still don't write themselves >.<) what matters is how you choose to act and whether you keep on trying or give up.....oh gosh what the heck I'm talking about!?!?!!?!?!? xDD I confused myself!!! O.O see?! that's why I need to take a break from it!!!

10:43 AM Oct 05 2009

Naty :P

Naty :P

oooh now I get it xD wow you have a good memory :D

10:15 PM Oct 04 2009


yeah,sometimes i think so!

and i come here to practice my english,nice to meet you,wish you will find your real friend one day!