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I'm curious

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July 2, 2011

Why shouldn't we trust people in bed? ...  Because they are LYING!Let's talk about lies.                               Do you often have to tell lies? Are they just little WHITE LIES:                                              Your soup is delicious I'm just not hungry.                                                                 I'm busy at the moment, I'll call you later.                                                                                  We often have to tell white lies because we don't want to hurt people's feelings and just try to be polite.Or do you tell lies to achieve your own goals?                            Naked people lie in bed because they need a cover, what about our internet community?We SURF the Internet and surfing is a ricky kind of sport. As people hide behind their screens they pretend to be somebody else, they DISGUISE but why?                        Please share your ideas with me                                                                           Lizaza

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01:04 PM Dec 23 2011



ohhhhhhhh !!!!!!!

dont you know why people tell white lies ?



in bed or everywhere

07:16 PM Jul 06 2011



I think white lies is necessarily in our life. Just as your said, we often have to tell white lies because we don’t hurt people’s feelings and just try to be polite.

And about the internet community, I think in some ways, they did not use the screen to cover up themselves, but through the screen to express themselves more realistically, because of the cruel reality that they use to cover themselves, put on masks. But face the screen, they can temporarily escape reality, do not need to disguise, so I think pre-screen is not all telling lies, of course lying is exist, because this world nothing is absolute. In my ideas, honest is important in the communication.