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July 6, 2011

Love is the most important word around the world, But Who does anybody know what the love is exactly is? I think the love isn`t a word, Love is a longer and interesiting trip, where you can fall or get high, Someone hates it, someone ignoreds it, someone dreams with itself, someone even loves it. Most people say  you do sll over with love, by love and you loves whatever you have around. The cold people say love is the most stupid thing because It was making to the weak people. they even say you have to erase that world of your dictionary because love make the failure. Let`s thinking abou it. what is world without love? It`d be like a empty world, everybody do a robotic things, the life`d be so bored and grey, we might avoid the broken heart, but we wouldn`t have that bit time when you`re feel that everything is gonna do well. because you have the love of someone that Person who is the most important thing on your life that he do the sun shining on you`re eyes, the sky heavenly, he do anything with just to be. He do that with to breath, with to exist. Becouse It doesn`t matter how long it `s gonna be there until the love gone 

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