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love and care

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November 16, 2007

I m new in this forum, i m male 35 from asia and working in a multinational company as " Assistant Manager", i really want to improve my english and want to make friends, i love travelling and want to see different culture. few years back i visited europe and like France,Switzerland,Holland and Germany very much.
I hope you will find me a loving and caring friend.

I want to make friends.

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03:53 AM May 21 2008


Hi, how are you?

 Im Lara and I am 20 years, also I am new in this forum and you are the first person with I speak.

I love travell and in september of this year I am going to scothland to learn english during 3 months, but i don´t know very well english.

Writte me always you want, I like to speak with much diferents persons.

If you want, we can to speak with messenger only if you want.

How do you learn english? I learn english with books, films and friends, but the better form is with friends but with films is very good.

thank you for writte me I hope that you answer me.


03:32 AM Nov 30 2007


Sorry,lonelyfeb,I misstake the child in the phone as your daughter.Sorry again.

03:22 AM Nov 30 2007


Hi .I am danty,an active girl.

Glad to receive your letter.I'm very happy to be your friend.I just undergraduate from school in July this year.

I am 24 years old.I come into Englishbaby to improve my English and make friends.From your letter,I know we have many commons.

I like travelling too.But I havenot go to another country.You are lucky to travelling to so many country.It must be very enjoyful.I hope you can come to China.Chinese people are very friendly.And it is very beautiful too.

Your children are very lovely.

Best wishes!