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October 21, 2009

Peace be upon you all... I have returned after an absence of almost a month, Many things happened to me during my absence from Ebaby ... I can't write them now.....

last month I learnt many things..

like............. life is like a book, Pages of the book represents the stages of life, each time we have to turn the page and start a new stage in life (without giving up), and dont stop at on page.. Whatever the stage of life that we experienced a difficult ......


regards and respects

01:33 AM Nov 12 2009


:) Peace be upon of u too....

I don't want ask u about the reasons why u leaft Ebaby. 'cos as u wrote here...u can't tell it 


could u ask u what is ur reason to return here??? :)

Greeting From Indonesia..... :)


September 8, 2009

Who is Muhammad?
Muhammad (peace be on him) was born in Makkah Al-Mukarramah in the year 570, at a time when Christianity was not yet fully established in Europe. Since his father died before his birth, and his mother shortly afterwards...

  he was raised by his uncle from the respected tribe of Quraysh. As he grew up, he became known for his truthfulness, generosity and sincerity, so that he was sought after for his ability to arbitrate in disputes. The historians describe him as calm and meditative.


Muhammad (peace be. on him) was of a deeply religious nature, and had long detested the decadence of his society. It became his habit to meditate from time to time in the Cave of Hira near the summit of Jabal Al-Nur, the 'Mountain of Light' near Makkah.

 wait for the next blog:How did he become a Prophet and a Messenger of God? -------------------------------------------------- respects and regards

September 3, 2009

In short topic I liked to say little words about the religion of mercy (Islam) that many people have Misconceptions about.... who is God? what is Islam? who is a Muslim?

Who is God (ALLAH)?

Allah is the proper name for Almighty God, and is often translated merely as "God." Allah has other names that are used to describe His characteristics: the Creator, the Sustainer, the Merciful, the Compassionate, etc.

Muslims believe that since Allah alone is the Creator, it is He alone that deserves our devout love and worship. Islam holds to a strict monotheism. Any worship and prayers directed at saints, prophets, other human beings or nature is considered idolatry.


What is ISLAM?

The name of the religion is Islam, which comes from an Arabic root word meaning "peace" and "submission." Islam teaches that one can only find peace in one's life by submitting to Almighty God (Allah) in heart, soul and deed. The same Arabic root word gives us "Salaam alaykum," ("Peace be with you"), the universal Muslim greeting.

 Who is a MUSLIM?

A person who believes in and consciously follows Islam is called a Muslim, also from the same root word. So, the religion is called "Islam," and a person who believes in and follows it is a "Muslim."



regards and respects...