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♥ ~.•'Peace~Girl~ஐ•.•.

Libyan Arab Jamahiriya

October 21, 2009

Peace be upon you all... I have returned after an absence of almost a month, Many things happened to me during my absence from Ebaby ... I can't write them now.....

last month I learnt many things..

like............. life is like a book, Pages of the book represents the stages of life, each time we have to turn the page and start a new stage in life (without giving up), and dont stop at on page.. Whatever the stage of life that we experienced a difficult ......


regards and respects

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View all entries from PEACE BLOGS >

01:33 AM Nov 12 2009


:) Peace be upon of u too....

I don't want ask u about the reasons why u leaft Ebaby. 'cos as u wrote here...u can't tell it 


could u ask u what is ur reason to return here??? :)

Greeting From Indonesia..... :)