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November 7, 2009

1. He is Michael Jackson
2. He is very handsome
3. He has a small dimple
4. He laughed very beautiful
5. He sang a very good listen
6. His dancing looks good
7. He is the King of Pop
8. He created a new era of MTV
9. He was very professional spirit
10. He loves the child
11. He was very caring
12. He shocked the world out of a lot of albums
13. His album Thriller is the world's No. 1
14. He has opened three times World Tour
15. He has many fans
16. His beautiful voice
17. He was very good
18. He was very cute
19. His eyes large
20. He is very nice
21. He was very gentle and
22. He is good at rock and roll
23. He created the space steps
24. He created the human body 45-degree tilt
25. He specializes in gentle song
26. His voice is very magnetic
27. He would compose
28. He would dance
29. He would sing treble
30. He would sing the bass
31. He is good at English songs
32. He takes a lot of awards
33. He was Dan Ding
34. He did not put a shelf-Star
35. He was very temperament
36. He was very steady
37. He was the sun
38. He is sometimes melancholy
39. He would prank
40. He was very childish
41. He has the quality of
42. He charitable sector, 300 million U.S. dollars donation.
43. He was very confident
44. He was very polite
45. He is a gentleman
46. He is a miracle
47. He has many fans
48. He has a lot of Stars fans
49. He never careless
50. He was very frank
51. He was always smiling in
52. He was a good everybody
53. He has a lot of friends
54. He was very low-key
55. He was very honest and
56. He was very simple
57. The world's top five albums are his
58. He was very childish and not weak
59. He is a good dad
60. He was cool
61. He was very knowledgeable
62. He was a man of principles
63. He was very calm
64. He is very tall
65. He has a childlike innocence
66. He was very graceful




You are the earthly angels, but broken wings
You are the star on the stage, but lost the energy
You are your own king, but lost Scepter

Down when the world is bleak, there is a beam of light is still bright
I know it was you, your light
When the whole world has become dirty, there is a place still pure and unadulterated
I know it was you, your smile
When the world weary, there is still a non-stop dancing feet
I know it was you, your dance
When the world has changed grief, someone singing "i'll be there"
I know it was you, you are singing

However, how the world returns to you?

Those people you have loved, mercilessly strangling your neck
Those who love the things you have, step by step driven a road to ruin your
Napian you have love of the land, the roar of terror instead of the sweet voice of

Tick tick
What is the crying, those tears
Drop in your heart to establish heaven
Smooth drop in your already raw stage
Drop in that crystal studded gloves on
It was full of sweat onto the microphone on the

However, I actually see you laughing
In that hurt the deepest parts of your
In those who are most on the front of your
Like children, innocent laughter

This time, you

No wings, but also the most beautiful angel
Does not require energy, but also the brightest star
No token is the most powerful king

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07:06 AM Dec 24 2010



Hey All…How are you doin…???
for your Holy Festival...
from Whole of Pakistan & from ALL the Muslims...

may YOU ALL celebrate this with happiness…
may YOU ALL enjoy that at your BEST…
may WE ALL be happy…
& may PEACE be upon ALL OF US...

& I greet to ALL OF THE MUSLIMS for the birthday of OUR HOLY PROPHET JESUS CHRIST (May Peace Be Upon Him...)

May WE ALL Could Close Together...
May WE ALL Could Think Neutrally...
May WE ALL Could Try To Stop "THE ONE WAY STREET" against ANYONE...
May WE ALL Could Feel...the Need Of PEACE...LOVE & TOLERANCE...


01:06 AM Aug 07 2010

United States

add me !!!  We have the same idol

01:06 AM Aug 07 2010

United States

add me !!!  We have the same idol

01:05 AM Aug 07 2010

United States

add me !!!  We have the same idol

12:56 AM Aug 07 2010

United States

  very good ! i like michael too!