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November 21, 2007

There were many times I smiled at you
But I smiled so deep inside
Afraid to show you to much
All that I had inside

A past that had been stripped away
By a tide that washed me dry
And a past so dard and hesitand
Never knowing when to cry

There were nights when I would look at you
and see me in your eyes
There were nights when I would cradle truth
forgetting all the lies

And under all the make-believe
my smile is all I hide
And all the truth I keep from you
Is bottled deep inside

I'm sorry that I've lied to you
I'm sorry that I'm weak
I'm sorry that I care for you
I'm sorry that I cannot speak

I'm ready to start over
and have you as my friend
And start out fresh and new
to open up to you again

Just give me time to trust you
And try to comprehend
That I'm tired of hiding from you
But a heart takes time to mend    

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