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January 10, 2008

Maybe i worried too much about my future. So after lunch, i dreamt someone singing in my dream. I remembered the lyric. It is a chinese song. i heard it many times. However i haven't been moved by it before like this time. Here i translate the lyric into English according to my comprehension.

Heaven and Earth Remote and Empty, Passing Travelers Hurry Away, Sea Smiles and Cries (showing us by tide up and down)

Kindness and Hatred, Life and Death, Growing Older and Older Or Sickness, How Many People Can Make Sense Of All Them?

Human Society, dazzling! One-side Love, I Am Deeply Absorbed!

 Meet Each Other Or Apart, It Depends On Fate.

 Half-head Clear and Half Unconscious

At least There Are You In My Dreams.

I Bet Tomorrow With Youth

You Exchange True Love For Life.

 Years and Months Dont Know How Many Mourns In The World

Why Not Live As Happily As Possible?!

When i woke up, i still can remembered the last two sentences however, in my dearm, i don't think it was "Years and Months Don't Know How Many Mourns In The World' . I think it was "Who Knows How Many Mourns In The World?"


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