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January 16, 2008

  • How many years we can work for our dreams?
  • As better nutritionour human beings can grow older and older. One night I discussed with my roommate about how long our career life can last.
  • When one is born, he will spend his first twenty or thirty years (if he gets Doctor Degree) on studying in different kinds of schools from elementary school, junior high school, senior high school and ending up college or university. That is the common route for many of us maybe about 50% of the whole population.
  • Then he will spend his second forty or fifty years at most on workings if there is no accidents such as diseases, traffic accidents, or suddenly death and etc. Only a few of our human beings can keep on working after his sixty. During his second forty or fifty years, there are lots of chances and opportunities towards him also coexistence of anxiousness, fear, worries, tears and smiles. At the beginning, he may worry a lot such as which kind of job he prefers and which job qualifies him, when to get marry and who to marry with. There is a big difference between the job he prefers and the job which qualifies him. If he is lucky, he will find a job which is the job he prefers and is also the job which fits him. But only some of us can find such job- a united job. When he is 25 years old or more, he will consider marriage. Even he doesn’t want to marry; his parents and relatives will be worried about his marriage. Especially for a girl, if she is thirty years old, it is more difficult to find her Mr. Right. Many girls marry for the sake of marriage and for the sake of too old and the necessity to get married. Maybe my words seem like a little tragic. But in fact there are tragedies in our world about marriage that one girl can’t get married with her lover or a guy can’t marry his lover. There are too many marriage tragedies to see. My mind runs far away from our topic. Let us back to our topic. After marriage, he will concentrate his effort to support his family, wife or husband, parents and parents-in-law. Maybe one or two or three years later, there is one baby or two coming into the world. The baby will be the focus of the whole family. <And the baby will walk following his or her parents’ route (elementary, junior and senior high schools, colleges or university)> when his or her baby comes up, he or she will transfer his or her gravity to the baby from work. He will separate himself (his energy and efforts, mind and thoughts) into two parts: one part is attached to his children; the other part is attached to work. When his children grow up, he begins to worry about his children’s marriage, career etc.
  • When he is after 55 or 60, it is time for him to retire. After retirement, he hopes he can have grandchildren as soon as possible. Once there is a grandchild born, he is eager to take care of his grandchild. Maybe he is very healthy till lifetime ends. Most of us can’t live so healthy when we are old. If he can do almost everything by himself, he is luckier. But most of us can’t eat or walk when he is old. He will be dressed up and taken care of by his children or others just like his children are taken care of by him when his children are young. He begins to worry about how long his life can last. He doesn’t know how many days he will spend on earth. He begins to worry about death. Only death is threatening him. When his eyes close and never open again, his life ends just like a sentence is ending up in a full stop. No one knows how dead people live in another world.
  • Note: “He” represents all human being, not only male but female. This is the life-route of Chinese maybe of all the other nations.

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12:28 PM Jan 19 2008


we work for our dreams for all our life....