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January 13, 2008

  • What is the difference between a mouse in toilet and a mouse in grain hold? 
  • An ancient famous politician wrote an article about two mice’s various life: one was in toilet and the other was in grain hold. When he was young, he was a country official. One day he entered into a toilet and saw a mouse fleeing as soon as it noticed there was someone walking toward it. Then he walked into grain hold and found another mouse which saw him, ignored him and continued its eating.  
  • Same ancestor, but living in quite different life. Seems as one in heaven with abundant food; one in hell. 
  • The mouse in toilet, small and bony, ate dirty things. It was easily frightened and ran away quickly when people or dogs were passing by it. While, the other mouse in grain hold, giant and fat, ate grains at ease. People or dogs couldn’t scare it. It didn’t run away even when people or dogs stood in front of it. 
  • The politician felt that there were no differences between the two mice themselves. The difference was their surroundings: toilet and grain hold.
  • He compared human beings with mouse. He thought that what made two persons different were also different circumstances. Different circumstances cultivated different people. If one wanted to have a splendid future, he must be diligent, hard-working and resolute. The most important was that he must find a better condition to live in. So he quitted his job in Country Office. He began to learn politics from Xun Zi. He went to Qin Dynasty when he graduated and became Prime Minster of Qin Dynasty at last. His name is Li Si. At that time, it was Yingzheng at reign (who built Great Wall). There were six separated territories ruled by six leuds: Han, Wei, Chu, Yan, Zhao, Qi. 
  • Li Si helped Ying Zheng to make Qin Dynasty become stronger and powerful. Finally, Yingzheng defeated six leuds in force and built a union country, named as Qin Dynasty. 
  • From Li Si’s life story, you may think he was bad guy, greedy, betrayed Prince FuSun (first son of King Yingzheng), helped Huhai (youngest son of King Yingzheng) become King.
  • However, he wrote many great political articles.
  • He was two-side person. It is hard to comment him simply by good or bad.

January 11, 2008

  • When you borrow money from one of your friend, would you like to write a Borrow Note?
  • I am very sleepy those days and dream a lot at night. I try to improve the sleeping quality. So I try to sleep as early as possible every night.
  • Last Night, I went to bed at Eleven Thirty. I didn’t know how long it passed. I was wakened up by my roommate Alice as she was talking on call. I wasn’t clear what she was saying. At that moment, I was annoyed by her voice as I couldn’t get asleep. This morning when we woke up, I said who called you last night. That call annoyed me a lot. She said she thought I was soundly asleep. I said no, I was not. After a moment, when we were washing face, she said that was her boyfriend who called her at midnight. Her boyfriend Jack lent 800 or 900 RMB to one of his friend Jason a few months ago. However, Jason said he only borrowed 300 or 400 RMB from Jack. Jack and Jason were good friends and they were classmate in college. She said her boyfriend Jack felt very angry and sad not for the money he lent to Jason, but for Jason said less than the fact and he couldn’t believe in Jason the same as before, their friendship might end up. This time, Jack’s another friend Peter borrowed more than RMB 2000 from Jack. Jack asked Peter to write a Borrow Receipt. Peter wasn’t happy when Jack asked him to write the Borrow Note. My roommate Alice asked me what her boyfriend Jack did was wrong or right.  She couldn’t understand his idea. She said when she borrowed money from her friend, if she was asked to write a Borrow Note, she wouldn’t borrow money from the friend and she might break up with such a friend. My question is that when you borrow from one of your good friends and you are asked to write a Borrow Note, what would you think? Will you feel upset or annoyed? Will you break up with you friend? Will you think you friend doesn’t believe you?
  • In my opinion, I can accept Borrow Note. I think if I borrow money from my friend, I should stand in her or his boots; I need to promise that I will return the money to her or him by Borrow Note. Borrow note can relieve my friend’s worry that afraid of I deny how much I borrow from him or her. I appreciate her or his help. He or she regards me as his or her friend so he or she lends me money. I should regard him or her as my friend too. As friend, I think I should write a Borrow Note even he or she doesn’t ask me. That is a basic personality as human beings.

08:01 PM Jan 13 2008



well,well!your english is quite better,if there were some chances,i would like to make friend with you.Cant I?

04:44 PM Jan 13 2008



woo, for most of us, it is not important to write a borrow note when we lend money to good friends. However, the world is changing and everyone is changing, no one knows what will happen in sooner futuer. Writing a borrow note is becoming a trend in our society when honesty, responsibilities is losing. It is a good way to protect one's reasonable right. such opinion will make us feel great that never think of that amount of money you lend come back. when you friend repay what he lend from you, you feel gratefull. when he doesn't repay it, or never plan to give it back to you, the best way that make you comfortalbe is to forget the money in the second minute when you lend it to him.

08:57 AM Jan 12 2008

Kinhy Zhao

Kinhy Zhao

in my opinion, for good friends,you borrow from them or they borrow from you, it does not matter write a note or not 。

January 10, 2008

Maybe i worried too much about my future. So after lunch, i dreamt someone singing in my dream. I remembered the lyric. It is a chinese song. i heard it many times. However i haven't been moved by it before like this time. Here i translate the lyric into English according to my comprehension.

Heaven and Earth Remote and Empty, Passing Travelers Hurry Away, Sea Smiles and Cries (showing us by tide up and down)

Kindness and Hatred, Life and Death, Growing Older and Older Or Sickness, How Many People Can Make Sense Of All Them?

Human Society, dazzling! One-side Love, I Am Deeply Absorbed!

 Meet Each Other Or Apart, It Depends On Fate.

 Half-head Clear and Half Unconscious

At least There Are You In My Dreams.

I Bet Tomorrow With Youth

You Exchange True Love For Life.

 Years and Months Dont Know How Many Mourns In The World

Why Not Live As Happily As Possible?!

When i woke up, i still can remembered the last two sentences however, in my dearm, i don't think it was "Years and Months Don't Know How Many Mourns In The World' . I think it was "Who Knows How Many Mourns In The World?"