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February 22, 2007

This year i spent New Year Holiday-8 days by myself in Shenzhen far away from my hometown. i didn't want to go outside and then bought a enough food to dorm and stayed there watching TV all day and all night. i found Watching TV also could make me feel upset and lonely and headache. i shut the door and the window to my heart. Prohibit others to get into my inner heart. i know it may be a sick. but something is difficult to change.i like to stay alone and read a book especially history or watch TV the programme. i don't like to buy things when it is crowded. i think so many people will choke me up. During New Year ,almost everyone is out to visit the street, so it is difficult and very frustrated to walk on the street. i escaped from such unpleasant state.  i just stayed in dorm. No crowded, no noisy, watch TV and enjoy life. i think i was pleased. Today Feb 23 is the first work day after holiday, i don't feel comfortable to the working life. hehe i need to give up the bad habit -----sleeping and watching TV, and i should set up several goals to achieve this year. i should pass the PUTONGHUA test, which is the first step to be a teacher. ( who can work in a national school.) sometimes happiness is near to you, sometimes it is far away from you. when i could become a teacher with the help of my relatives, i gave up the good chance and came out of my hometown to find a job. After those working months, i realize i will be better as a teacher rather than to be an assistant. and my parents hope that i can be a teacher. sometimes when you walk long and long distance, in the end you find you are at the beginning stage. is it funny? It is excited to live.

November 21, 2006

When dreams are waken up, everything is as normal as usual. we can't tell the difference.

when dreams are waken up, you are still in yesterday's stituation.

when dreams are waken up, you feel upset. you can catch something easily in dreams while hard in reality.I don't want to wake up, but i have no choice.

we can make everything true in dreams. So when dreams are waken up, we review the sweetiest feeling in dreams and have to face the dreadfully day.

I have to learn growing up. Growing up is a heartbroken period.