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Man from this time

Syrian Arab Republic

July 18, 2012

The tragedy is big in Syria

This day is not usual; people begin to abandon their houses, the authorities have warned the people:”either you leave your house or you will be bombarded”

Now I’m watching in my balcony, hundreds of people walking in the streets in order to find safer place to live, but there is no safer place in Syria actually.

The old man, and the old women, the children who are crying, who don’t know what is happening, the women, the ill people,  people who are in state of wary about their lives, sound of noises are all over the place.

I’m thing, where will all of those people live, sleep, eat or do their normal activities?

Will they sleep in the parks?


Last year I did “First Aid Training” now I found the importance of it.


Now while I’m typing, the sound of machine gun doesn’t stop. What happened to humanity, the tragedy is big in Syria, I pray that it ends soon, because we no longer can bear it. Enough is enough, it is the time to leave us Basher Assad, we no longer need you as our president, your army has killed thousands of innocent people, who do nothing except that they raise their sound with the words demanding freedom and justice. I feel very bad when I know that the Syrian revolution is an orphan one. No country gives a hand in order to get rid of this dictator.

I hope my dear reader to pray for the Syrian people, for the innocent people, for the women for the children, for the old grandfather, who can’t walk and need to get rest, the people who need medications, and the people who are injured.

Oooooooooooh the tragedy is big actually.

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02:07 AM Jul 18 2012