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rose salad mix

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December 12, 2007

my eyes are not yearning towards others place

must prohibit to enter affection i promise

nobody can see,how pathetic the loneliness is!

loneliness become more when i fall in love once more

and why you don't understand what kind of freedom i need for

you leave me far away,because of a word

please don't make me misunderstand that happiness will be comminuted

i won't cry when i am alone

come nearby my ears and say you love me

i have already forgot that palpitation for so long time

love is such diffcult to be understand by each of us

that pain,that happiness,how much left is true

say you love me,using your palm of your hand to heat me up

no matter how long you can't prove to be able to love me more

you know i don't ask too much more

only a munite with you,look together at the sky

say love me~



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04:53 AM Dec 31 2007



i appreciate what you say.

be friends~~```