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United States

June 10, 2007

Yesterday I was babysitting my 6 year old niece.  She wanted me to blow up a balloon for her.  When I did it quickly she said, "Aunt Mimi, you are full of hot air!"  I laughed because I had to explain to her that saying someone is full of hot air is NOT NICE to say to a grown up.  If someone says you are full of hot air, it means that he or she thinks that what you say is unimportant.  It means your words are empty words with no meaning.  In other words, it means you are shallow.  It can also mean that someone is "all talk and no action."  Often politicians are described as being full of hot air.  I can certainly think of several in the USA.  Can you?

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View all entries from Blog of an ESL teacher >

12:20 PM Nov 04 2007

United States

that is sharp sentence to describe some politiciansSmile

03:43 AM Jun 15 2007


yes u're absolutely correct!!