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United States

October 17, 2007

At another school in Cleveland last week there was a terrible tragedy:  a young student, age 14, brought guns to his school and shot his teachers and some students.  The news reported he was a troubled young man.  This is so awful because I wonder if someone might do that at MY school!  My students are nervous too.  I try to reassure them but really no place is 100% safe!  I am always afraid to make a student angry.  I don't try to make students angry but sometimes if I say, "Please turn off your cell phone" or something like that, they get angry!  Why won't American students listen to their teachers?  My international (ESL) students always pay attention and listen to their teachers but they are afraid of the American students.  They ask "Why do they speak so disrespectfully to you?"

That is a hard question to answer!

I don't know how to answer that for the students in my school!

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01:51 PM Dec 14 2007


i am very glad to write you this letter.
how are you ?
i hope every things is moving on well by the grace of the almighty God.
my name is isaac kobina mensah from Ghana and i want you to be my best penapl in your country.
your reply.

12:52 PM Dec 08 2007


well i think that wether a student doesnt pay attention to his or her professor or not is something that has to do with a question of education and personal character. not paying attention is a trend,a human condition. the same happens everywhere. the pupils dont respect anybody because they have lost the respect for themselves due to many problems they or even one might go through. the only thing we can do is to pray for them and ourselves to find the light.


09:18 PM Dec 05 2007

david chen1968

i'm so sad that i have heard this.i think that teachers or parent must tell them what they can do or can't do when they were young .

12:40 PM Nov 04 2007

United States

I guess maybe it's time for you to remind your students and says everybody deserve to have freedom in this land. But, you have to responsibile for what you have did and cause! Otherwise you don't derserve it! Some people need to remind and remind again. Because they never been through the other countries pain and hurts! Have you ever heart of news from a kid did graffitti all over on the street in Singapore! Look what happened to him?

12:02 PM Oct 17 2007

Russian Federation

I think it is very sad and I support you. So if you are not very busy can you give me some information about you,shool and life in your country. Please do not hesitate to inform me about it. I will wait your answet.

My adress is: ihi@fromru.com

Iam from Russia and want to talk with people who speaks very well ENGLISH.