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December 13, 2007


How can someone you love so much make you mad?

I was really angry last night. I lost my temper - I didn;t want it to happen- I said bad things again, I felt so sorry that it has to be that way.

Did I overreact? Perhaps...

But this is not the first time. If only he had listen to me before... I mean really listen to every word I said. It would never have happened. But, yes, indeed, it happened. And again, I was the one who felt so bad.

Is  it my fault? maybe..

Am I too hard? maybe..

A professor once told me that I am.... but I am just being consistent to what I believe is right. I know when to give in and just let it go.. and I know when I have to really say something.

I just couldn't let it pass... I just can't close my eyes and cover my ears  and pretend that its not happening.. that I should just let it go..

But in the end, I felt that it was all my fault,,, so confused and often ask myself where did I go wrong,,,,

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09:02 PM Dec 13 2007

United States

I have been married for 16 years.  We couldn't be together this long if we had acted like this a lot. 

The key is to remember that your partner is a human being and that person will do things differently than we want.  We need to accept this if we are to be together.  We cannot force anyone to think like us or do what we want.

 Getting angry and saying things we souldn't will only hurt all things.  Try to be patient.  Loving.  And control your temper.  It is easier said than done.  Trust me.  I have learned through experience.  I have hurt those I love the most and then I always feel bad later.


Trust in Jesus to bring you through any situation.  You do not need to be in control all the time.  Let God do the driving.