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April 17, 2008

Only by doing a thing again and again can you attain skill or efficiency. A proffesional juggler does not learn to balance three billiards ball on the tip of his nose by watching others perform. He must do it himself and go on doing it, despite constant failures until he can do it without error. You cann do the same thing in  learning english, u must do it in urself, keep practicing. if ur not willing to learn, u will not able to speak english accurately. There are many ways to learn english, so start reading and write an essay and make this part of ur hobby. You will suprised that one day you are able to express yourself with clarity nd vividness.

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12:01 AM May 26 2009



Perfection is something you can never achieve...but, indeed, practice can help you reach very high levels !

09:42 PM Mar 29 2009

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