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December 10, 2008

Today was so warm for December. It was nearly 20C! I went for a walk with my husband in the afternoon. I had to take off my vest and was just wearing a shirt only, unbelievablly warm.

Usually it's pretty cold where I live in Japan.

It was nearly 3C two days ago, but now it got suddenly warm. It's nice but the word "Global Warming" crossed my mind.

It's easy to practice Yoga when it's so warm though.Laughing



June 24, 2008

I've been getting up so early everyday for more than a month. Recently, I get up 5 to 5:30 in the morning. Today, I got up 4:30! 

Reason why I've been trying to get up so early is to increase my time. I have so many books I want to read and I want to practice yoga, I want to cook some new recipe ...list goes on and on!  I don't want day to just go by. I want to enjoy doing stuff in the day other than just working and doing daily chores. 

It's just so easy to get up early in the summer time.  That helps. I want to keep up this habit in the winter as well.  It would be much harder to get up early in the cold, cold winter morning though.

It just feels good to get up early in the morning. My mind is so clear and more motivated to do stuff in the day than try to sleep in as much as I could like before.

I really like it.

04:39 AM Dec 10 2008



I go to bed at 10:30!

11:50 PM Jun 24 2008


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Wow. But there is a question here. When do you sleep at night?

October 17, 2007

I went to Karaoke first time in 12 yrs!! I had so much fun!!

I was little nervous at first but after a few drinks and few tunes, got loosen up enough to sing like before. Yeah, I totally forgot how much I love to sing! I don't know any recent songs so, I just stuck with 80's to early 90's songs.

I especially like Madonna. When I was a student, I used to listened her songs over and over. I mostly sang her song. Yeah, I still dragging my 80's, so what? I want to sing more! more! more!

I will definitely go Karaoke again!


12:23 AM Nov 15 2007


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09:10 AM Oct 17 2007


Hong Kong

i love go to Karaoke too . i love singing an old songs (a few years ago , NOT 80's )more than new songs .Laughing

06:30 AM Oct 17 2007



I love karaoke too.

I usually go to karaoke with my younger colleagues. They sing new songs which i don't know. They call it a hip hop or rap.The song is so fast that I can't cathch up with it Yell

But I don't care. I stick to my 90' songs. Southern All Stars is on my sideCool