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June 29, 2008

I will be in grade III next year. And all my memory about the last two years are disordered. I knew i have wasted them, but i can't regret because that's useless. I want a new beginning and a better future! I don't want to have a fatuous life!!!

I will have a part-time job in this summer holiday and earn some money to afford my luxurious consume... Maybe just for me, the consume are luxurious.

I want to pass the second degree of NCRE(National Computer Rank Test), C. And i have to learn and remeber more new words-prepare for my english test which will come at every turn...

A new life is coming.

June 25, 2008

You can't understand my love,

though i show you my smile,

and those sweet words i can't tell.

Will you be my princess, my dear?

Then i will certainly be your knight.

To protect you from here to there.

For me you are the most fresh air,

i can't be alive without your care.

Maybe there aren't many to share,

but you are the only one i wanna stare.

It's torturing me to thinking of you.

You are the most cute thing i knew.

But i can just waitng and stand still,

until you can know that i love you.

10:28 PM Jun 26 2008


You're sweet and romantic guy, Meru. Yes, at this age you should see everything into 2 sides, both good and bad. Life is learning. Have fune with it. Let obstable is what encourages your power to acheive the goals.

June 12, 2008

 The final exam is on the way. Easily to get fidget. Wanna do something interesting,like some enterainment. Kinda sad or angry, maybe because I felt to be a loser...

I don't know why, I can't find a reasonable explanation. But I can't escape, I have no other choice. Maybe face it is too difficult for me. How can I get though it?

10:38 PM Jun 12 2008


Hi guy,

Maybe you're confused what you like. Try to be optimist. Look for humorists around you and join them. When you know you start sad, angry, you need to throw these emotions out of your head in a hurry and take yourself to lively and cheerful friends or environments.

It can't succeed immediately but you have to practice and help yourself to be away from such grief without reason.  My daughter is being in the same situation as you and she's fighting for herself too.

 Love yourself and love others so you'll find that this world has a lot of thinkg joyful.