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October 12, 2011

It's been a long time since i wrote my last blog.I'm writing this blog with pain in my heart. one of my best frnd who i love most is goin to get away from me. I was about to cry in my office. but i managed to get settled by making jokes which was hard to make and laugh for someone's jokes.

I haven't felt so sorry for leaving my college or school days when i had to leave.But now, i dont knw what to do.I can only cope myself by saying everything in life should be accepted.even now i dont knw what i'm writing in my blog.my mind is rotating towards him

I'm sure i'm goin to miss his smile, his laughter, his crazy jokes, his love, and everything of him. I haven't seen the guy like one before. he is so good as i haven't seen that kind before in my life.

I know about me. i'm not goin to speak with him anymore. because i'm just the kind of guy. i'm feeling really sorry for missing this guy in my life.His name is siva. Everything will be there in my office. but the fun in me , the happyness in me will be missing.

Even in the last day, he came and told me that he was goin to leave the office the nextday suddenly. i was sitting somewhere today.if he had told me before, i would have sit nearer to him as i would have spent the last moments with him.

I'm sure i'm goin to miss the real love. now there is nothing lookin like a big deal for me. i'm just keep thinking of him.I want this frndship to last long forever.i've been listening the song right now apt with my situation, pogathe frm deepavali. i'm about to weeping out right now.

the moments which i've spent with him are unforgettable. i was feeling very sorry once he told me that he was not having mother. i can't bear the day. i feel the day is boring if he is not coming on that day.i wonder how i'm goin to go in my office further

he is the one who concerns me a lot in my office. he used to say don't wake up althrough the night, try to get some other job, like this.thanx a lot siva. i miss u now and i don't want to miss u

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