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miki chen

miki chen


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December 29, 2011

recently i was queried my english level , said that i think you english is soso , oh , mygod, i know my english is no excellent , feel that i am the worst, now i am promise that i would learn my english well . One day , ican proud to what i to do ,confidence is important , I come to learn that nomatter waht difficult it is , it will handle it if you are determined to do it , tell to myself .

12:16 AM Feb 09 2012

United States

You can do what you set your mind to do.  You are on the right track; continue on it!

December 4, 2011

At  the  this  time ,  lost  myself , everything  for me  is  unlucky ,  and  i   ask  myself  why  i  have  become  now .   where is  my l ocation,  my  job  ,my  life  , all  round mine  is  terrible , goal , opporunity, ability,  nothings  is  good  for  me .  

  when i  feel  that  it  is  a  chance  for  me to  do my  dream , but  finally they  said  them have  make a mistake for that .

   what a  disappoint i  am  the  time .

12:13 AM Dec 05 2011


don't be so sad

you r not the one in this world

actually,i have the same misfortune just like u

but i still fighting for my life