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November 22, 2007


The other day, when shopping, a strange idea came up with me. I loved a suit in the shop that was horribly expensive for me. It was so perfect a suit I’ve ever seen, but what if it doesn’t belong to me. Overwhelmingly dejected, I left the shop turning again and again to have another look at the suit. Returning home I was still haunted   by the suit. Why doesn't it belong to me? Am I not qualified enough to own it? What an unlucky girl I am......... then I described the suit to mumand told her my pains for not getting it. Mum replied me in smile " everyone has his meal in the world, given that suit is so perfect, yet out of your reach. Then try as hard as you could to get it, if still couldn't reach it why not appreciate it from distance? Who knows it may be not so perfect on you as it seemed. Remember you can get what you deserve."  

   "Every one has his meal, you can get what you deserve."  These words strike me. Absolutely, I am lucky enough to have the chance to appreciate those perfects from distance when I can’t get them. What if I indulge in pain and complain. Perfect is what everybody seeks yet nobody achieves in life.  May be a perfect chance in study or career come to us yet leave instantly leaving us sighing. May be we fill in love with someone who is too perfect for us. Do not be lost for that. Remember you are lucky enough to have such perfect persons and things around you. Nobody is to blame if you never have a chance to meet those perfects. It is those perfects that drive you to strive for better and make your life richer. Do not get lost by perfects. Learn to appreciate them! That will make the difference.



04:49 PM Nov 23 2007


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