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July 4, 2007

hi,glad you can read these words.

i'm a chinese girl who love smile as a young lady (forgive me to use this word).

in my opinion, time is very less,so we must enjoy ourselves \smile everyday face everything.

i enjoy reading \singing\travelling,and also like watching movies,i'll go to watch movie in the cine and singing songs in the ok bar every month with my friends .then,i always spend other spare time on reading in my house lonely .Diffevent with other moden girls ,i don't like shopping or strolling in the sreet, so i'm not good at clothes chosen.

however,i'm exciting to srtoll here and connect with different friends around world,i have a dream that speak english fluently someday,so i'm studying hard in english now .

if you love reading and singing ,also love english,connect me at once!

i'm expecting your mail ,my new friends!!!  :))

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03:05 AM Jul 26 2007


Hi, mini-fish

 good time you consumed,  amazing!