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February 5, 2011

Hey guys! How do you do?

I have just started a new food blog and today I published my very first post. It' s a crazy oatmeal porridge recipe.

In this blog you can read something about my meals, German snack reviews and other things related to food.

Just have a look at it, I'd be very grateful :-)


Here is the link:  http://foodisdelish.wordpress.com

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05:19 AM Feb 08 2011

That Guy Owen
United States

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05:44 AM Feb 06 2011



wow, that sounds amazing ^^

thanks for your suggestion, I will definitely try this out in the near future ;-) 

06:32 PM Feb 05 2011


i use to eat oatmeal on the weekends , a mixture with : oatmeal , eggs & potato pieces . i think its a type of hash brown , but it was a good breakfast, just fry it on a pan .