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Viet Nam

April 23, 2010

Listening to it raining , I was afraid of something that would leave me alone again . But you SMILED  with me , saying that " don't be afraid , you can lean on me " . Tears was taken away with the rain .

Being so lonely , I felt this world so cold , so strange . Your SMILE told me that there was still a person who always stood by me . Belief came back to me .

When nights came so long , sleep didn't sound nice , through the phone , you said me to close my eyes , hear your voice singing , I saw your SMILE  in my imagination . Tomorrow , I didn't know when I started to dream yesterday night .  

When it wasn't a success but failure , you SMILED to me " Try again , I know you can do it " . I cried but my heart was smiling cause you made me believe in myself .

When someone hurt me , left me a very big pain , you held my hands , SMILED  and drived me to somewhere called "a really Smile- place " in where I played interesting games which made me laugh so much ....

Now ,

 I SMILE when looking at the sky and finding a very special star which  always tells me that " Life is so beautiful " .Nights come to me so peaceful and I sleep soundly .

I SMILE when standing in front of rain . Rain will takes sadness away when it is sunny again .

I SMILE when trying my best day by day to put my ambition into reality although difficulties are always around .

I SMILE  when my tears shed because I know my tears now is symbol of happiness .

I SMILE  to say to myself that " I am now a strong person "

I SMILE to say to you that " I MISS YOU " and

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11:36 PM Apr 23 2010


What a beautiful article!Everybody  love your  smile.

11:20 PM Apr 23 2010


Viet Nam

I love your smile , too Laughing

Always smile , okay?