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Viet Nam

May 22, 2010

Heyyyyyyyyyy, dearrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr


Do you know sometimes it is really hard to say the true feeling ?


Maybe , you and I have the same situation , my close friend .


We are now far from each other . I am not so interested in your story cause I have the same stories .


You asked me to tell you more specifically about him . I don’t want to remind of him anymore .


Your fragile heart is easily broken by a person .


Do you know , my heart used to be like yours?


I just could give you some advice and sing for you some songs to make you laugh and feel better .


But there is one thing I am sure that after our conversation , when u are alone , u will cry and ur head is full of confused feeling and thinking .


But , dear


We are now not schoolgirls who could enjoy life without any mature thought for ourselves and our family as well .


Now we are at the age of 21 , 22 , should live better and fight against difficulties in life .


To live is to fight !


It also means u have to fight with ur self .


You wish you were me , less thoughtful .


Do you know that when laughing , my mind is fighting with my tears ?


Tears is nothing if u don’t know how to stand up .


Tears makes people weaker .


Instead of crying , why not smile ?


Don’t think that the others understand you because they love you .


Sometimes , they love us by a very selfish emotion .

If not so , they hold us so tightly not because  they really love us but they want to beat other people .


Don’t think that their smile is always sincere from the bottom of their heart .


When seeing you blame that person , I could do nothing but listen and feel sympathize for you . Your hurt became the very big  annoying .


If u want to shout , shout .


If you want to cry , cry but remembering that after crying , u have to stand up and thinking optimistically .


I know ur strength is not always good . I also know u feel so lonely when no one is beside you as a real friend .


But u still have me .


I couldn’t promise that I can make u really happy .


But believe in me , and lean on me whenever you need a friend to confide ur problems .


P/S : I am always beside you , my good friend !


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10:56 PM May 22 2010


Viet Nam

U're right , Narendra

" A friend in need is a friend in deed " Laughing

8P.M , Do u see that I'm mature ? Hehe .It's what I want .hohoInnocent

10:39 PM May 22 2010


Viet Nam

She will be very happy if she read this article .

U're getting more mature , my loved sis !!


10:35 AM May 22 2010



Thoughts of friends are always with us no matter how far they are from us --Friends may be out of sight but not out of life