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Viet Nam

June 19, 2010

I have just finished the sixth semester at my college . The result is not very good , however , I had tried my best . I have a plan to travel to Da Lat for my summer holiday . I am happy now when my vocation really comes .

I have never been to Da Lat before . Therefore , I feel very excited for my first time to visit there . Da Lat is a very romantic and beautiful city in my country . In contrast with a very busy life in big cities such as Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh city , Da Lat is very peaceful with the beautiful nature .

Da Lat is also famous for THE VALLEY OF LOVE , have many kinds of flowers.     




Hope that this travel will bring me an interesting time .

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01:11 AM Jun 21 2010


Viet Nam

 Dear Miss_U,

thanks for ur cheer verymuch^^!


Dear brasilero,

i liked yellow roses that you showed in that pictures too, ^^!

i hope that one day i will visit Germany to watch Germany's soccer team :D


03:31 AM Jun 20 2010


Viet Nam

8 P.M

U have come to Da Lat many times . Therefore , u don't need to come with me . Concentrate on ur work ! Don't tell anything in advanced with me cause perhaps u will not do it @@ because u're a busy person . JUST KIDDING Innocent

Anyway , I have a friend in Da Lat . Don't worry , I'll make this trip really interesting .


03:18 AM Jun 20 2010


Viet Nam

Thanks for ur comments , BRASILERO .

Da Lat must have left u a very good impression . I am vey happy when hearing a foreigner say that it's a beautiful land Laughing  Da Lat and other beautiful places such as Ha long Bay , Nha Trang Bay attracts visitors a lot . If u come to Vietnam again , remember to go there . Hanoi capital is so nice , too with the traditional beauty Laughing 

Welcome to discover the beauty of this land !


The typical house in Germany is very nice . I like flowers , especially Yellow roses .

Germany house's style is really impressive - the combination of the soul of human beings  and the beauty of the nature Laughing

Thanks for ur sharing of the nice photo . I really like it Laughing

02:17 AM Jun 20 2010



That s typical for houses in Germany, 

we love roses in different styles, colours, smell......... and some more

have some in my garden too. because I love them.

02:01 AM Jun 20 2010



hello , and good morning to Vietnam


you should be happy, when you are going to Da Lat.

have been there last year and enjoyed that stay very much.

Da Lat is one of the most nice places in Vietnam.

You should be lucky to stay there for a couple of days.


Good luck !!!

best wishes from Germany

wish, I could come back to Vietnam again some day.

01:40 AM Jun 20 2010


Viet Nam

Laughing Laughing Laughing 

Oh , dear

It's good to choose Da Lat to spend ur vocation ^^ Hehe

I wish I could go with u Cool but my work is so busy , hehe ^^

When u come to visit Ha Long Bay , plz tell me ^^ I'll go with u Laughing

Ur semester ended but u have something to study , remember it . That subject ^^ hehe ( You have to take the exam again , right?" 

Enjoy ur trip !

P/S : Why not choosing Korea huh ?

       Nevermind , I'll wait u , hehe ^^

09:14 PM Jun 19 2010


Viet Nam

Thanks for ur comments .

Welcome to Vietnam once day , SWEET.KOTORI , CHALIE HARPER , KASIA18.

If u have a chance to come to this land , don't hesitate to go . Vietnam is  a beautiful country and Vietnamese people are so friendly and hospitable .



Ha Long Bay , as u said and as far as I'm concerned , is attractive , too . Certainly , I'll go there .

Wish u have a good IELTS exam !Laughing

10:46 AM Jun 19 2010


Viet Nam

dear Miss_U,

ur series pictures about Da Lat are really so beautiful and colorful, i 'm very interested in them. Laughing

i have never visited Da Lat and i only know and see it through films and my friend's reported. i wished i would visit Da Lat one time to walk around Valley of Love and HO XUAN HUONG lake. Especially is see many kind flowers in Da Lat. 

HAVE A NICE TIME AT DA LAT to relax after one difficult and tired semester!

in this summer i still have to learn to get 6.0 ielts, but my ielts level is only 4.5.

so i'm trying as best to completely my goal. After ielts exam i think that i will come back to my hometown which is Ha Long. Ha Long is also beautiful as Da Lat with many caves and islands.Especially is seeing Sunset and Dawn at the beach, i think so. ^^! Miss_U, i think you should visit Ha Long Bay in summer vacation next year. hihi ;)

Happy and Funny at Da Lat, Miss_U.\~_^

07:32 AM Jun 19 2010


Very beautyful flowers and region. I have never been in Vietnam, but I would like.

03:40 AM Jun 19 2010

charlie harper

very beautiful flowers, wish good holiday!!

02:43 AM Jun 19 2010


It must be a very beautiful place,  have a good holiday there :)