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Viet Nam

June 22, 2010

 I promised to me  many times that I wouldn’t let myself be so sad like this way . I told to my special one that I wouldn’t let the tears shed so easily . But , my dear , how could I stop feeling so painful ? It’s like a thorn stab my heart .

Running away from the rain which is always associated with my sad days , my heart wanna escape from that impossible thing but today it became a possible thing . I asked myself how it could happen and tried to find many reasonable answers for what was going on . I tried in vain but today I got the answer . Knowing that nothing is impossible , nevertheless , I couldn’t believe in my eyes that it turned out to be so disappointed . It was not enough to make a serious thing , however , I really did think that there was something out of rules . “It’s as old as the hill” . I should know that , just a wise man can play as a fool . When there has nothing meaningful anymore , the serious thing suddenly becomes a nonsense . Although  people think what used to be important , now turn into a dust , it’s really hard to leave all .

How can I believe it anymore ? How can I pursue it without my hope ? All is ephemeral . Am I right or wrong ? Or maybe I was wrong at the very beginning . I should think that it’s enough and it is about time to be ended . Is it okay when I leave all what I tried to make it better ? Is it too late to start another one? How ? I am so tired .

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08:01 AM Jul 24 2010


Sometimes I like rain. I have a lot of time to thinking about my problems, future live, about egsist. I understand you, I have similar point of view as you, but you must remember everybody are sometimes sad in various moments in their live. You can always find good solution of your problem and your friends can help you. Don't forget about it.

02:34 AM Jun 25 2010


Viet Nam


11:19 PM Jun 22 2010


Viet Nam

Oh , my little Baby

Take it easy , okay ?

Why do u have to keep those things so tightly that they always make u sad when rain falls ?

Baby , " A heart is not a home without the one who get u through the storm " .

Don't think about it too much , don't be too sensitive .

Let's smile Laughing " YOUR SMILE IS MY SUN " . Do u remember?

Laughing Nothing is worse than being alone ( U're not alone !)

Laughing Nothing is more boring than having nothing to do ( U have many plans to do , right?)

Laughing Nothing is too late ( Because u know now u have to start again )

Laughing Nothing is impossible ( Because u can create ur own destiny by urself )

Laughing What is Ephemeral ? - All come from Unsincerity Is Ephemeral .

LaughingWhat is Forever ? - U're intelligent enough to know it .


P/S : IMS ALL TIME !Laughing

09:52 PM Jun 22 2010

Amar pandey

Weather influences our thought process. It remind the past events that had occured long ago, that time weather was samiler as it is now. No one can change it. So what should we do for this? Simple word but very difficult to implement. You know do not relate our sadness or the happiness to the environmental situations.

There is a very Sincier saying " this too shall pass". You know nothing is stable.... nothing. Time heal greates wound.

So be happy and do what is needed to for betterment of life.

Thank you.

12:04 PM Jun 22 2010


Viet Nam

Dear Miss_U,

 I know that how you are! yes you feel so sad and don't believe at 

  all. U want to disappear or hide away to forget all: past, present, future.

May be I could not give best advice, but I know a saying sentence: If you are not the one why does u appear in the world, If you are not meaningful would ur friends stand by ur side?. 

Be courageous! To prove that you are not weak, in contrast you are very strong! 

 I think that ur boy friend who is a fool will play as a wise man when look at you ^^!

finally, Nothing is too late to begin, nothing can't fix because Nothing is impossible :)

 remember that:        SUNSHINE AFTER RAIN

so you will see a rainbow in the end of the skyline^^

hope you are soon better!!